It’s hard to believe that 2016 marks the eleventh year of the Global Farmer Roundtable and the tenth presentation of the Kleckner Award. ?Time surely does fly. ?What started as a discussion about why there weren’t any farmers at the World Food Prize Symposium turned into action resulting in something special.

مرة أخرى في 2006 الحقيقة حول التجارة & تقنية, now the Global Farmer Network, decided it would invite some farmers from around the world to come to Des Moines, Iowa in October during the week of the World Food Prize Symposium for a roundtable discussion, and then to take part in the great activities the Symposium has to offer. ?The first year went very well, so it was organized the next year, and the following, وهلم جرا… the feedback from participants was fantastic, and it has proven to be a tremendous success.

هذا العام, another incredibly impressive group of international farmers is gathered in Des Moines for the week or Oct 10-14 – the best way to keep up with what’s going is on social media -?GlobalFarmerNet?and #GlobalFarmer, و?شبكة المزارعين العالمية?on Facebook.

Here’s a brief overview of who is here this year.

2016 Global Farmer Roundtable Participants

الأرجنتين ? Ms. Maria Beatriz ?Pilu? جيراودو ? Fifth generation family farmer, agronomy engineer, no till grain production and livestock. Grows soy, قمح, شعير, الذرة والذرة الرفيعة. Outspoken advocate for no-till farming.

البرازيل – السيد. L?ucio Alamy ? بعد حصوله على درجة الماجستير ويعملون في الأعمال الزراعية, عاد إلى الشركات العائلية باعتباره الخنازير, لحم البقر والقهوة المنتجة. أطلقت منتج لحم الخنزير وصفت. هو المؤسس المشارك لFarmPage.

كندا ? السيد. يوآش VanOord ? Dairy farmer from New Brunswick, past president of the NB Young Farmers Forum, a true ag ambassador. Took over the 60 cow dairy from his father, installed robotic milkers. The farm hosts many visitors including school groups.

الهند ? السيد. PavitarPal Singh Pangli ? grows 100 فدان من القمح, أرز, basmati, fodder crops, بصل, garlic and vegetables. Very involved in advancing technologies to help small and marginal farmers through a number of organizations.

إندونيسيا ? Ms. آري Sulistyani ? Founded a women?s farming group in her village in order to transfer her knowledge of modern farming techniques to others. في مزرعتها, أنها تنمو الذرة, خضروات, الفلفل الحار والنباتات البستانية.

المكسيك ? Ms. جورجينا جوتيريز ? Fifth generation dairy farmer, 420 الأبقار, follow the pro-cross breeding system (Holstein-Montbeliarde-Swedish Red) منذ 2003 مع إنتاج 35.5 liters/cow/day. Advocates for the dairy industry using Facebook.

نيبال ? السيد. بيشنو هاري Poudyal ? Commercial dairy producer ? milks Nepali breeds, الهولشتاين, Jerseys and mixed breeds, pioneer in the region in following routine AI and vaccination protocols. Grows paddy, الذرة, wheat and cereals.

نيوزيلاندا ? Ms. جين سميث ? Breeding operation in the sheep and beef industries ? export genetics to Australia and Bangladesh. المحاصيل رفع العلف. عضو مجلس إدارة مجلس البيطرية في نيوزيلندا والشراكة اللحوم الحمراء.

رواندا ? السيد. بيير Kamere Munyura ? Coffee grower and processor ? 25 acres of coffee ? Former president of coffee exporters and processors association representing 200+ growers

إسبانيا ? السيد. فرانسيسكو مانويل فرنانديز كاماس ? المزارع الذي يدير 3 مزارع, بما في ذلك مزرعة عائلته. تنتج الذرة, قطن, طماطم, بطاطا, شمندر سكري, دوار الشمس, القمح والحمص. The three farms total almost 2,000 acres and use innovative irrigation technology.

المملكة المتحدة ? السيد. جيك فريستون ? Farm manager at Overbury Farms ? 1560 هكتار من القمح, شعير, الحبوب الزيتية, بازيلاء, and runs 1,000 breeding ewes. Has converted 90% of the land to zero tillage. LEAF demonstration farmer.

الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ? السيد. ريتشارد فراديس ? Fourth generation farmer who raises corn, soybeans and beef cattle. Director of Missouri Department of Agriculture.

زيمبابوي ? Ms. مباشرة Mashumba ? Inherited Chomwedzi Farm ? grows peas for export and has a plantation of 117 hectares of gumtree, 10 hectares of maize, الأرز البني كله, sorghum and millet. She also breeds cattle. Recognized for leading African women toward mechanized farming.