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The June 2 شبكة المزارعين العالمية (GFN) column by Dr. Gilbert arap Bor (رسالة مفتوحة إلى البرلمان الأوروبي من المزارع الكيني: إجازة أفريقيا وحدها) appeared in the June 7 opinion section of the Daily Nation newspaper from Nairobi, كينيا – one of East Africa’s most prominent publications.

If you haven’t read Bor’s column yet, do so. It may surprise you that the archaic colonial mindset appears to alive and well with some in the European Union attempting to influence or tell African farmers what they can or cannot do. Instead of being a notion just read about in dusty history books, it’s being currently discussed in the EU Parliament

Africa needs biotechnology to fight hungerDaily Nation (كينيا) – Commentary by Gilbert arap Bor (يونيو 7)

The hostility to GMOs has set us back a generation.

حلقة الوصل:http://www.nation.co.ke/oped/Opinion/Africa-needs-biotechnology-to-fight-hunger/-/440808/3235314/-/aedoju/-/index.html

See also How to Starve Africa: Ask the European Green Party (The Risk-Monger, يونيو 8) that refers to Bor’s column:https://risk-monger.com/2016/06/08/how-to-starve-africa-ask-the-european-green-party/

Open Letter to the EU Parliament from a Group of Nigerian Farmers: Let Us Make This Choice for Ourselves (يونيو 3)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.ofabnigeria.com/resource/news/open-letter-to-the-eu-parliament-from-a-group-of-nigerian-farmers-let-us-make-this-choice-for-ourselves.html

أيضا, another GFN member, V. Ravichandran from India appeared in a prominent publication from his country, The Hindu BusinessLine:

Smart crops getting more from lessThe Hindu BusinessLineBy Chitra Narayanan and KV Kurmanath (يونيو 6)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/specials/india-file/smart-crops-getting-more-from-less/article8697271.ece

Gilbert arap Bor is the 2011 Kleckner Trade and Technology Advancement Award recipient, و V. رافيتشاندران received the award in 2013.


What will Brexit do to UK trade?Independent (المملكة المتحدة) – By Ben Chu (يونيو 2)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/will-brexit-damage-trade-eu-referendum-vote-leave-a7062201.html

U.K.’s Cameron: Brexit would ‘put a bomb under our economyUSA TodayBy Kim Hjelmgaard (يونيو 6)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/06/06/brexit-european-union-david-cameron/85475976/

World trade chief says post-Brexit ‘WTO optionmay be unfeasible for UK – رويترز – By Tom Miles (يونيو 6)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-wto-idUSKCN0YS1LA

EU member states stalemate on glyphosateDeutscheWelle (يونيو 6)

A panel of experts from EU member states failed to agree on whether to extend approval for the use of controversial weedkiller glyphosate…”

حلقة الوصل:http://www.dw.com/en/eu-member-states-stalemate-on-glyphosate/a-19310131

Renewal of glyphosate in EU still in limbo- Feed Navigator -By Jane Byrne (يونيو 6)

The reauthorization of controversial herbicide, glyphosate, has again failed to get the backing of an EU committee.

Economic report signals end for GM barriersThe Land (أستراليا) – By Colin Bettles (يونيو 6)

Results of a new economic report, showing Genetically Modified crops have increased farmer incomes by $1.37 billion in Australia since 1996 while drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reinforces why unnecessary State-based moratoria should end, supporters say.

حلقة الوصل:http://www.theland.com.au/story/3949686/economic-report-signals-end-for-gm-barriers/

Argentina and Monsanto reach preliminary agreement on seeds and soy controlsMercoPress – (يونيو 4)

Under the accord the Argentine government will be the one to carry out the inspections, as part of a proper framework for agriculture firms to be paid for royalties.

حلقة الوصل:http://en.mercopress.com/2016/06/04/argentina-and-monsanto-reach-preliminary-agreement-on-seeds-and-soy-controls

The Panama Canal Expansion: Changes Beyond the WaterwayKnowledge@Wharton – (يونيو 3)

The expansion of the Canal will enable longer, wider and heavier ships to transit; it is expected to open for commercial traffic on June 26.

حلقة الوصل:http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/panama-canal-expansion-changes-beyond-waterway/

Why is Obama strangely silent on the Pacific trade deal?NewsweekOpinion by Daniel Ikenson (يونيو 3)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.newsweek.com/why-obama-strangely-silent-pacific-trade-deal-465787

Organic food is no healthier than normal produce, professor saysThe Telegraph (المملكة المتحدة) – By Sarah Knapton (يونيو 2)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/01/organic-food-is-no-healthier-than-normal-produce-professor-says/

Anti-GMO groups hurting farmersSt. Cloud TimesBy Joni Kamiya (يونيو 1)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.sctimes.com/story/opinion/2016/06/01/anti-gmo-groups-hurting-farmers/85189128/

YouTube – #Farmers4GlyphosateGuy Smith, British farmerNFU

Use biotech to beef up climate fightSciDevNetBy Jayson Merkley (قد 31)

Poor nations shouldnt miss out on advances such as lab-cultured meat and low-methane GM rice, says Jayson Merkley.

حلقة الوصل:http://www.scidev.net/global/biotechnology/opinion/biotech-climate-fight.html

CSOs stance and scientist support for the adoption of GMOsNews Ghana (يونيو 4)

Ghana has the potential to improve its food and nutrition security if government and other relevant stakeholders invest massively in biotechnology, some scientists in the country have stated.

حلقة الوصل:https://www.newsghana.com.gh/csos-stance-and-scientist-support-for-the-adoption-of-gmos/

EPA draft triazine assessment stirs up criticism from agriculture – دلتا مزرعة الصحافة – By Forrest Laws (يونيو 3)

EPAs flawedatrazinereport is stomping science into the dirt and setting farmers up for significant economic hardship…”

حلقة الوصل:http://deltafarmpress.com/corn/epa-draft-triazine-assessment-stirs-criticism-agriculture

The worlds most vilified companynow a takeover targethas a plan to feed us all. Will it work?”

حلقة الوصل:http://fortune.com/monsanto-fortune-500-gmo-foods/

Commentary: Not granting China market status could jeopardize trade – شينخوا (الصين) -by Xinhua writers Zhang Zhengfu, Liu Fei (يونيو 6)

While granting China market economy status (MES) will mean win-win results for China and theEuropean Union, refusal to do so could put one of the world’s most important trade relationships at risk.

حلقة الوصل:http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2016-06/07/c_135417358.htm

Fun of the pear: Aussie invention will transform avocado industryFood Navigator Asia -By RJ Whitehead (يونيو 7)

An Australian company claims to have developed technology that will revolutionise the global avocado market by preventing the pears from browning.

الامريكى. lawmakers probe EPA staff over possible bias in herbicide review – رويترز – By PJ Huffstutter (يونيو 7)

One question that lawmakers are trying to answer, according to legislative sources, is whether EPA staff allowed personal bias to color the agency’s scientific review of glyphosate…”

حلقة الوصل:http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-glyphosate-epa-idUSKCN0YT2FP

Interconnected diets: Two thirds of crops we consume are result of food globalisationFood Navigator -By Nathan Gray (يونيو 8)

‘Foreigncrops dominate national food consumption patterns and farming practices, according to new research that finds nearly 70% of fruit, خضروات, legumes and grains in an average country’s diet originate somewhere else.

Scientist takes issue with no-pesticide-organic claim in nice way – دلتا مزرعة الصحافة – By Forrest Laws (يونيو 6)

In my experience, most people are shocked to discover organic growers do use pest control chemicals just not chemicals that were developed by people and dont occur in nature, writes Dr. Adrianne Massey.

حلقة الوصل:http://deltafarmpress.com/blog/scientist-takes-issue-no-pesticide-organic-claim-nice-way

Germanys Strange Turn Against TradeProject SyndicateByMarcel Fratzscher (يونيو 6)

A trade-dependent economy has much to gain from freer trade, especially with a market as large as the US. Germany should be using its political clout to push its European counterparts to seal the deal.

حلقة الوصل:https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/germany-opposition-transatlantic-trade-partnership-by-marcel-fratzscher-2016-06

Too close to call: How do consumers really feel about GMOs?- Food Navigator USA -By Elizabeth Crawford (يونيو 8)

The controversy surrounding genetic engineering may feel deafening at times with each said prolifically and loudly debating its pros and cons, but the vast majority of consumers remain unfamiliar GMOs and unclear if they pose a risk, according to a recent survey.

Merkel tries to lower expectations for swift EU trade deal with U.SEuronews / رويترز (يونيو 8)

حلقة الوصل: http://www.euronews.com/business-newswires/3204597-merkel-tries-to-lower-expectations-for-swift-eu-trade-deal-with-us/

Britains Trade Future in Question if Brexit HappensVOA, Voice of AmericaBy Luis Ramirez (يونيو 7)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.voanews.com/content/britain-trade-future-quetion-brexit-happens/3366804.html

أوباما, Modi vow to strengthen economic and trade ties The HillBy Vicki Needham (يونيو 7)

حلقة الوصل:http://thehill.com/policy/finance/trade/282602-obama-modi-vow-to-strengthen-economic-and-trade-ties

Maha should allow GM trials of all crops The Times of India (يونيو 8)

حلقة الوصل:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Maha-should-allow-GM-trials-of-all-crops/articleshow/52645085.cms?from=mdr

California citrus funds $8M HLB cure research facility – غرب مزرعة الصحافة – بواسطة تود Fitchette (يونيو 7)

حلقة الوصل:http://westernfarmpress.com/orchard-crops/california-citrus-funds-8m-hlb-cure-research-facility

Putin Is Growing Organic Power One T-34 Tank-Tomato at a Time – بلومبرغ – ByAnatoly Medetsky,Matthew Campbell,Yuliya Fedorinova(يونيو 7)

Russia last year joined dozens of nations in banning the commercial planting of genetically modified organisms and has since barred GMO importsputting Putin at the vanguard of an increasingly vocal global movement.

حلقة الوصل:http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2016-06-07/putin-is-growing-organic-power-one-t-34-tank-tomato-at-a-time

Scientists lobby for partial lifting of GMO production ban in Russia paperRT, Russia Today (يونيو 9)

حلقة الوصل:https://www.rt.com/politics/345955-scientists-lobby-partial-lifting-of/

Taxing red meat, the danger of over-reacting to an environmental issue – جنوب غرب مزرعة الصحافة – By Logan Hawkes (يونيو 9)

حلقة الوصل:http://southwestfarmpress.com/livestock/taxing-red-meat-danger-over-reacting-environmental-issue

Monsanto develops plan for GMO U.S. soy lacking EU import approval – رويترز (يونيو 7)

حلقة الوصل:http://www.reuters.com/article/us-monsanto-gmo-soybeans-idUSKCN0YT2SV

Agriculture Groups Ratchet Up Pressure on EU Over Approval of GMO Seeds – وول ستريت جورنال (يونيو 9)

European and U.S. traders and farmers cite longer-than-usual delays

حلقة الوصل:http://www.wsj.com/articles/agriculture-groups-ratchet-up-pressure-on-eu-over-approval-of-gmo-seeds-1465499827