A Pioneering Advocate for Rural Women in Ag


Lydia Sasu is a Global Farmer Network member from Ghana. She is involved in a family farm that focuses on growing cassava, and is dedicated to improving the lives of women farmers. (The photo above this article shows some of Lydia’s students receiving yam farmer training.) She co-founded the Development Action Association and advocates for agriculture locally and globally. Additionally, Lydia is a 2015 Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award recipient.

This edition of The GFAR Blog tells more of Lydia’s story, and tells how she makes a tangible difference to the lives of rural agricultural women.


Lydia Sasu

Lydia Sasu

Lydia Sasu has dedicated her life to improving the lives of rural women farmers. As a family farmer and Executive Director of the Development Action Association (DAA) in Ghana, Lydia.

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