Each day we are listening to what GFN members are talking about. Believing in the power of ideas, here’s a recap of topics that have recently been top-of-mind discussions with our farmers world-wide:

  • Resilience/Risk Management and Barley after a lost crop of corn; The barley is expected to be a great intercrop; Will harvest next month – Uruguay
  • Rice harvest, Japan gives subsidies to grow rice for livestock feed, to prevent the price of rice (for people) to collapse – Japan
  • Peanut harvest – Mexico
  • CIPHET event (Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology) to foster collaboration between farming communities and ag processing, and mushroom training at Punjab Agricultural University – India
  • Cover crops contrast:  after very heavy rain, some local farmers experienced damages to the soil, but not the ones practicing no till – Denmark
  • Harvest is over, yields were lower due to lack of rain, but thanks to good regenerative practices, there was moisture in the soil to produce a decent yield – Canada
  • Carbon: will farmers be recognized as the ones that have been capturing it for ages?
  • Rain that will allow for this crop and planting the next one to go well – Argentina
  • Tomato importing – UAE
  • Drought – South Africa
  • Rice harvesting in India where price is fixed by central government for all rice varieties and providing post-harvest services – India
  • Planting soybeans – Brazil

If you’d like to learn more about what is top-of-mind to our farmers contact Mary Boote, GFN CEO, [email protected].

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