The Global Farmer Network (GFN) is proud to announce the expansion of staff roles and leadership efforts in Africa, underscoring the organization’s commitment to amplifying the voices of farmers promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming practices, economic growth, and importance of food security.

Ruramiso Mashumba, Zimbabwe
Onyaole ‘Patience’ Koku, Nigeria

Africa, with its immense agricultural potential, has become a key focus for GFN. Recognizing the importance of serving farmers in this region, GFN has selected two GFN members as Regional Lead: Africa, Onyaole ‘Patience’ Koku, Nigeria and Ruramiso Mashumba, Zimbabwe. Each Regional Lead brings a strong knowledge of issues impacting farmers in the region to their roles. Using their understanding of those challenges and opportunities, Koku and Mashumba will continue engagement specific to Africa to provide accountability, connection, and leadership to elevate farmers’ voices.

The Global Farmer Network is a non-profit advocacy group, led by farmers who are committed to amplifying the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable agriculture, economic growth, and food security.  The GFN is focused on knowledge transfer, using the voice, expertise and perspective of its members to foster constructive dialogue, countering the myths surrounding modern agriculture and illustrating the benefits of trade, sustainable agronomic practices, responsible regulations, nutrition, and farmer livelihoods.

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