The Global Farmer Network is pleased to welcome Julie Borlaug as she begins her new role as Director of Development. “We are pleased to welcome Julie to our staff,” said Reg Clause, Chairman of the Global Farmer Network.  “Julie is an outstanding individual in her own right but she connects me back to her grandfather who I was privileged to know. Her passion for agriculture, science-based technology and the power of collaborative partnerships that gets these tools into the hands of farmers is key to who the Global Farmer Network is and what we do on a daily basis.”

For 18 years, Julie Borlaug has successfully worked in international agricultural development, agricultural communications, external and corporate relations.  As President of the Borlaug Foundation and granddaughter of Dr. Norman Borlaug, she works to champion his legacy and lend a voice to his desire to see more successful collaborative partnerships across sectors and scientific disciplines to bring better and faster innovation to end hunger.

The Global Farmer Network is a non-profit advocacy group, led by farmers who are committed to amplifying the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable agriculture, economic growth, and food security.  The GFN is focused on knowledge transfer, using the voice, expertise and perspective of its members to foster constructive dialogue, countering the myths surrounding modern agriculture and illustrating the benefits of trade, sustainable agronomic practices, responsible regulations, nutrition, and farmer livelihoods.

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