Knud Bay-Smidt, a Global Farmer Network member and farmer from Denmark is striving to adapt to the unpredictable impacts of climate change while minimizing the environmental impacts of his operation. Some solutions, like switching to a no-till concept that promotes soil health with cover crops and compost while reducing climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions, address both challenges. Find out more in this article by CropLife International.

Knud Bay-Smidt

Knud Bay-Smidt

Knud was raised on a 4th generation family farm. After college, he started his own farm in 1987 which is a purely arable farm, based on a No-Till system. He grows wheat, barley, oat and oilseed rape. From 1990-2010, he purchased and exported ag machinery to 12 countries in Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Now he is a freelance sales agent of No-Till machinery. At present, he is also studying the impact of agriculture on the nearby environment at a School of Applied Sciences.

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