2023 Cohort Joins the Global Farmer Network


Sixteen farmers are the newest members of the Global Farmer Network following the conclusion of the February 5-11, 2023 Global Farmer Network Roundtable and Communication Training program. The in-person portion of the program was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in conjunction with “Mobilizing the GFN in Support of a Resilient Agri-Food System”. The event brought together more than 60 current GFN members, plus the new cohort members, from over 25 countries.

These farmers are members of the early 2023 cohort, selected from over 230 nominations:

  • Jacob Froese, Canada
  • Ganesh Nanote, India
  • Prakash Puppalwar, India
  • Diana Lenzi, Italy
  • Shuichi Tokumoto, Japan
  • Zeinab al-Momany, Jordan
  • Semeh Roberts, Liberia
  • Jose Luis Quintana, Mexico
  • Stella Thomas, Nigeria
  • David Danio, Philippines
  • Efren Robles, Puerto Rico
  • Pacifique Nshimiyimana, Rwanda
  • Aaron Moore, UAE
  • Brad Clark, USA-Wisconsin
  • Harold Grall, USA-Texas
  • Ryan Speer, USA-Kansas

As pictured above, the agenda included communication training for new cohort members; multiple roundtable discussions where all the farmer members shared their challenges, ideas, and thoughts on various hot button issues; a trip to tour a farm, ag businesses and the Rosario Grain Exchange; and the opportunity for members to connect with each other.

Virtual sessions were held prior to, and will be held after, the meeting in Argentina. The online and the in-person training is led by farmers in the Global Farmer Network.

The next Roundtable and Communication training is scheduled to take place in Washington, DC on September 10-16, 2023. If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please complete this form.

GFN is committed to connecting farmers and amplifying their voices, and this mission shines through by training and supporting farmer leaders from around the world.

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