2023 Borlaug Dialogue Elevates Farmers’ Voices


The 2023 Borlaug Dialogue kicked off Tuesday, October 24 with farmers from across the globe, including seven Global Farmer Network members, coming together in a series of panels covering technology in agriculture, recovery from conflict, climate change adaptation and how farmers can be better equipped in the future. GFN members speaking:

  • Guillermo Breton, Mexico
  • Jose Gonzalez Chacon, Colombia
  • Maria ‘Pilu’ Giraudo, Argentina
  • Marcus Holtkoetter, Germany
  • Kornelis Huizinga, Ukraine
  • Patience Koku, Nigeria
  • Rotimi Williams, Nigeria

Following insightful discussions, GFN member Marcus Holtkoetter was announced as the Global Farmer Network’s 2023 Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award winner, bringing the day to an exciting close.

Re-watch all the sessions from the Borlaug Dialogue on the World Food Prize’s online platform. If you are registered, you can watch here. If you are not registered, you can watch here.

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