Roberto Peiretti is a member of the Global Farmer Network from Argentina and serves on the Network’s board of  directors. Peiretti joined the board at a recent meeting held on the CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) campus near Mexico City, Mexico. In this article by La Nacion, Peiretti discusses the global character of the Network, and the inspiration provided from meeting at CIMMYT where the work of Dr. Norman Borlaug took place. Roberto explains how Borlaug’s “take it to the farmer” is a mandate behind the Network’s action-driven focus for the improvement of agricultural production to create more and better food.

In the above photo, Roberto Peiretti and Julie Borlaug stand in front of the Dr. Borlaug statue on CIMMYT’s campus.

Dr. Borlaug (1914-2009) is the father of the “Green Revolution”. He was awarded multiple honors for his work, including the Nobel Peace Prize.