Tim Durham is a member of the Global Farmer Network and in AGDAILY he discusses what is hydroponics and ways hydroponics can take the guess work out of farming. The following is an excerpt:

“Whoever coined the proverb “necessity is the mother of all invention” wasn’t kidding. I’m frequently astounded by the ability of farmers to scrounge together ideas and improvise solutions. Some are one-time creations to get out of a bind, while others have more staying power — perhaps leading to the creation of new implements or farming techniques. Occasionally, necessity prompts the rediscovery of old approaches (making them chic once again) or even births the next wave in farming. Hydroponics is a classic example of ingenuity — one poised to make an indelible mark on today’s food system.”

Tim is a 5th generation farmer, educator and agvocate. His family operates Deer Run Farm, a 30 acre truck farm on Long Island, New York where they grow leafy greens, root crops and herbs. Tim is also an Associate Professor of Crop Science at Ferrum College, Virginia.