Jake Leguee, Saskatchewan, Canada is a member of the Global Farmer Network who blogs. Below is a short excerpt from his most recent post:

“The world is on fire right now. Trying to describe all the wild and devastating things that have occurred in the last two years would be a post all in itself. Then, just as the pandemic started to ease off, we had a war break out in Europe. For most of us, it’s hard to describe what it feels like to witness all these events, one after the other. People are dying. What kind of future does this bleak world have to offer any of us after so much pain and tragedy?

To that, I humbly offer a farmer’s perspective. In all my years of challenges and triumphs while growing crops at the vagary of Mother Nature, I have learned one lesson: the only way to move forward is to keep trying; to believe tomorrow can be better than today, even when the world has never looked darker.”

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