Eighteen farmers are the newest members of the Global Farmer Network following the conclusion of the June 12-18, 2022 Global Farmer Network Roundtable and Communication Training program. The in-person portion of the program was held in Frankfurt, Germany. Along with communication training, the group held roundtable discussions which focused on today’s agriculture issues.

Virtual sessions were held prior to, and will be held after, the meeting in Frankfurt. The online and the in-person training is led by farmers in the Global Farmer Network.

These farmers were selected from over 250 nominations:

  • Argentina: Maria Virginia Solis Wahinsh
  • Australia: Jake Ryan
  • Brazil: Vicente Bissoni Neto
  • Brazil: Abilio Rodrigues Pacheco
  • Germany: Jana Gäbert
  • Germany: Philipp Schilling
  • India: Ganesh Nanote
  • Kenya: Okisegere Ojepat
  • Nepal: Bhola Nath Khatiwada
  • Netherlands: Judith de Vor
  • Philippines: David Danio
  • Poland: Tomasz Jakiel
  • United Kingdom: Alexander Borthwick
  • United Kingdom/Scotland: Jim Wilson
  • United States: Bill Couser
  • Uruguay: Mathias Nario
  • West Africa/Argentina: Jorge Lopez Menendez

Also attending from the Global Farmer Network:  Gabriel Carballal, Uruguay a Global Farmer Network 2021 Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award recipient, who also led portions of the training.

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