Gathering data, keeping tabs on weather and more help Saskatchewan farmer Jake Leguee a member of the Global Farmer Network, improve crop performance and farm profitability. 

Data feeds in from a variety of sources. Leguee uses that data — with the help of his agronomist — to make more informed decisions on seeding, fertilizer and fungicide applications. “We spend a lot of time budgeting, data crunching, thinking and planning throughout the winter. We want to be as primed as possible, armed with all the information and Plans A, B and C when the growing season hits.We need to be nimble and informed to render quick decisions in those weeks to make sure we get the best crop possible that year,” says Leguee.

Read the entire article here: By Jake Leguee and Martha Mintz, originating at PRECISION FARMING DEALER, posted on October 8,  2021.