Hear Global Farmer Network member Ruramiso Mashumba share how “we can, we should and we must stand shoulder to feed the world.”

Ruramiso has been recognized as the 2020 GFN Kleckner Award recipient.

She is the first woman to hold the role of chairperson of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union Unit and is currently the vice chairperson for the Southern African Confederation of Agriculture Unions youth ambassadors for the region.

In 2020 Ruramiso was named one of the top 1000 entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe and also recognized as one of the top 54 women in Africa. In 2018 Ruramiso won the iconic African award for farming and agriculture and was named one of the 2019 top ten young people in Zimbabwe. Ruramiso was named an Echoing Green Fellow in 2017. She is also a Cornell Alliance for Science Fellow. Cornell Alliance for Science produced this video.

This video originally ran 12/13/19 on globalfarmernetwork.org.