Nigerian Global Farmer Network member, Patience Koku, wrote a few weeks ago in Let Africans Decide What Is Best For Africa about her participation on a panel at CRISPRcon 2019. The video of the recent panel discusson held in the Netherlands can be found at the organization’s website and seen at their YouTube page. So now you can see for yourself exactly what this remarkable woman and farmer meant she posed the question in her column, “Why was a European “expert” lecturing me on what African farmers need and don’t need?”


[Via] CRISPRconPublished on Jul 8, 2019
Gene editing could control crop pests, improve animal welfare, enhance nutrition, increase yields and more. What are the potential solutions and problems created or perpetuated by gene editing, including those related to social, economic and environmental outcomes? What are the right expectations for gene editing in agriculture? How can we ensure societal benefit?
-Johan van Arendonk, Hendrix Genetics
-Patience Koku, Replenish Farms
-Niels Louwaars, Plantum
-Leon Mol, Ahold Delhaize
-Tom Wakeford, ETC Group
Moderator: Hidde Boersma, Freelance Journalist
CRISPRcon a program of the non-advocacy, non-profit Keystone Policy Center creates a unique forum in which a broad selection of diverse voices come together to discuss the societal aspects of CRISPR and other emerging genetic technologies across applications including agriculture, health, and conservation. CRISPRcon 2019 was hosted by Wageningen University and Research on June 20-21 in the Netherlands. This marked the third annual CRISPRcon and the first outside the U.S.
For more info, visit CRISPRcon.org.