Lecture being recorded by Peiretti.

The Global Farmer Network wishes to congratulate its Board member from Argentina, Roberto Peiretti, an agronomist and internationally recognized expert on soil, conservation agriculture and No-Till agriculture. Peiretti was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by his alma mater, Cordoba National University. Additionally, Peiretti gave a series of lectures for a class that will be a micromaster credited program on the no-till system– part of a joint program between Cordoba National University and Harvard University (called EDX) that will be distributed and used by up to 50 schools.

Roberto farms near Rosario, Argentina with his lovely wife, Cintia, and they have traveled extensively internationally speaking at events, talking, learning and sharing their expertise. Additionally, he was a founding member of the highly-regarded organization AAPRESID (Argentinian No Till Farmers Association), and CAAPAS (American Confederation of No Till Farmers Associations).

Thank you for all you have done for agriculture, Roberto, and congratulations on a well-deserved award!

Check out Roberto’s short biography below and follow it to his Author page to peruse columns he has authored here at the GFN website.

Also, below is an article about him receiving the award that’s translated to English from Spanish – it orginates at CBA24N from Argentina on June 28, 2019. This links to the original article, which also includes a short video interview about Peiretti receiving the award (video can also be seen on Facebook).

Recibimos al Ingeniero Agrnomo, Roberto Peiretti

[Translated fro Spanish to English] Peiretti was recognized with the Honorary Doctorate of the National University of Crdoba.

On June 4, the Honorable Superior Council of the National University of Crdoba, awarded the degree of DoctorHonoris Causa from the National University of Crdobato the AgronomistRoberto Atilio Peiretti.

The referred professional, born in Cruz Alta, Crdoba, graduated as an
AgriculturalEngineerat this University in 1971, obtaining the University Award with
Gold Medal for academic merit at twenty-two years of age and was part of the
first promotion of Agricultural Engineers graduated from the UNC.

In 1975 he obtained the Master of Science with Agronomy orientation at the Oklahoma State University (United States of America).

He was also distinguished and awarded by numerous national and foreign entities associated with agriculture.

He has made numerous publications in different languages ??in newspapers, magazines and books specialized in the field;In turn, he has held academic and management positions of various ranks, as well as technical advisor, auditor, consultant and agricultural producer.

Link: https://www.cba24n.com.ar/recibimos-al-ingeniero-agronomo-roberto-peiretti/