Its time to bring America together againand thats why Im askingDemocrats and Republicans in the House and Senatetolead inratifyinga new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Please join togethernowand approve a deal that will begin toturn the page onthe harmful trade wars of the last two and a half years.Ongoing tradedisputes have damaged our economy, threatened our global leadership, and divided our country.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) would replace NAFTA, the trade deal signed into law by President Clinton in 1993. In the USMCA, wehave afullynegotiated and modernized agreement with our two most reliable and important trading partners.On May 30, the Trump administrationnotifiedCongress that its ready to start the formal approval process for the USMCA.

Its time to take the high road. Letsrise abovethe latest obstacles, keep our focus and prove to our allies that we want to be a reliable trading partner.Together, elected leaders of both parties can show that we all can put the good of the nation in front of partisan political interests.

Althoughsomemembersin the House of Representatives are skeptical of USMCA, Speaker Nancy Pelosihas signaled thatshethinks shecan navigate the dealthrough her chamber: I can get to yes, shetolda colleague, according to the New York Times. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat, echoed Pelosi in aninterviewwith Bloomberg: We are trying to get to yes.

So lets get there. Letsapprove a trade agreement thatworks for moreAmericans than its predecessor and move forward with expanding U.S. competitiveness in new, growing markets around the globe. Lets reestablish the stability and certainty that America needs.

We sure do need it here in Floyd County, Iowa, wheremy familygrowscorn and soybeans on our farm.Wedependon export markets.One third of what wegrowshipsto customers in other countries. Or at least it does when were not getting entangled in trade conflicts.The tariffs are killing us and the trade wars are not easy to win.

Thats why I recently hopped aboard the Motorcade for Trade, which is travelingacross the spread our messageabout the importance of tradeto politicians and the public. The Voice of America posted avideo reporton our road trip.

I amapast president of theNational Corn Growers Associationandapast president ofMaizall, the international corngrowersalliance. Like many other farmers,Ihaveworkedaround the worldto buildrelationshipswith the people who buy made-in-America farm goods. Several years ago, I visited Mexico to meet with customers and thank them fortheirpurchasesof U.S. grains. Ill never forget what oneof themsaidlater in 2017:You dont need to convince us that our business is important to you. We know that. You need to convince your president.

So,Im trying to convince everybody, from the man in theOval Officeto legislators in theU.S.House and the Senate,toordinary citizens who dont think too hard about howtheirfood moves from farms to forks.

The message is simple:We need USMCA.

We need it for our family farms. We need it forjobs inrural America. We need it for the whole nation.

We have a lot of work to doandwe must beginwith a truly bipartisan effort that issues the first ceasefire in our disastrous trade wars.

Lets approve USMCA before its too late.

Lets get to yes.


A version of this column first appeared at The Hill.