The 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable is scheduled forOct 16-17 in Des Moines, Iowa coinciding with the week of the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue and International Symposium.

As the Roundtable approaches GFN is introducing this yearsparticipants.Solet’s get to know a little bit aboutLarrySailerwho farmsa few hours to the north of Des Moines, Iowa

Farmer: Larry Sailer

Country: United States (Iowa)

Where is your farm located?

My family farm islocated north of Iowa Falls in north central Iowa. About 100 miles north of Des Moines.

What does your farm look like? What is the size of your farm? What do you grow or raise?

I have 400 acres, split half and half between field corn and soybeans. I mostly no-till all my acres except where compaction is a problem.All ofmy crops use GMO technology to make my conservation program feasible. As a part of my farm operation, what I consider part of my everyday chores, Iagvocate! I started giving interviews back in the 80s during theUSfarm crisis. Fifteen years ago, I joined the speaker corps of the National Pork Producers call Operation Mainstreet. Eleven years ago, I joined the Iowa Farm Bureau speaker corps. I spoke to many local groups and gave local interviews. I wrote many letters to Iowa papers. Then social media happened! Twitter,FaceBook, blogging………and now I have aworldwidenetwork that can reach millions of people. I am very passionate sharing what modern agriculture is all about because public opinion isinfluencing policyregulations that hinder raising our food.

What are you looking forward to most as you prepare to participate in the 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable?

I have met many farmers from around the world from whom I have learned much. I want to continue meeting farmers to hear their stories, their problems, and their successes. And I want to share mine.

Sailer has embraced mobile technology and being an agvocate.