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The Cornell Alliance for Science recently posted this piece on Global Farmer Network member Balwinder Singh Kang from India talking about his on the ground, first-hand experience and success with biotech crops:

Witnessing India’s GMO cotton revolution – By Justin Cremer (Jan 18, 2018)

“Balwinder Kang has a simple message for those who don?t think Indian farmers like him should be able to utilize the latest technology: come to my farm and judge for yourself…”

Read more here.



Food and Ag coalition voices support for NAFTA preservation and modernization – Food Navigator USA -?By Stephen Daniells (Jan 22)

“A new coalition of over 30 organizations representing growers, refiners, producers, transporters, retailers and consumers has announced it will work with the Trump Administration and Congress to preserve and modernize NAFTA, noting that withdrawal from the deal would be devastating to the US food and agricultural sectors.” – Link

NAFTA talks seen ending happily, despite growls from Trump – Reuters – By Anu Bararia,?Bruno Federowski (Jan 19)

Canada faces angry Americans in sixth round of NAFTA talks – iPolitics (Canada) -?

“The Trump administration is making known its displeasure about Canada?s contributions to date and demanding progress…” – Link

See also😕WTO complaint could ?blow up in Canada?s face? says former trade envoy

Mexico-EU free trade deal should be finished in a few weeks: official – Reuters (Jan 17) – Link

TPP resurrected as nations get set to sign trade deal – ABC News (Australia) – By Dan Conifer (Jan 23)

“The TPP was going to include the United States before Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement in one of his first acts as President.” – Link


NCGA Pleased with Soil Health Progress – AgWired – By Carrie Muehling (Jan 22)

“Farmers in the program are trying cover crops, tillage changes, and nutrient management changes to better understand soil health.” – Link

Irrigation Initiative to Boost Farm Production – Tanzania Daily News – By Marc Nkwame (Jan 22)

“Japan is assisting Tanzania to roll out modern farming initiatives” – Link

There Is ?Little Doubt? About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops – AEI, American Enterprise Institute – By Gary W. Brester (Jan 19)

“Some have questioned whether GM crops have been responsible for increased crop yields. Comparing US yields to European Union yields (where GM crops are banned) provides evidence that GM technologies have increased crop yields.” – Link

Award-winning Nepalese farmers grow bananas to avert floods – Reuters – By Gopal Sharma (Jan 16)

“Women are on the frontline of the campaign to persuade farmers to adopt soil-friendly crops like legumes, bananas and pineapples, whose roots help control erosion on slopes.” – Link

Plagued by pest, African farmers may soon have access to insect-resistant GMO cowpeas?for free – Genetic Literacy Project – By Paul McDivitt?(Jan 23)

?The cowpea growers have been very supportive. They like the GM crop. They have seen it perform and they are ready to grow it…” – Link



Europe court suggests relaxed gene-editing rules – Nature – By Alison Abbott (Jan 19)

“Judicial opinion says restrictive regulations may not apply to plants and animals bred using CRISPR technique.” – Link

Viewpoint: 6 ways IARC Director Christopher Wild lied to Congress about cancer agency’s glyphosate debacle -?Genetic Literacy Project – David Zaruk?(Jan 22) – Link

Understanding the continued opposition to GMOs – Devex -?By?Lisa Cornish (Jan 22)

“The arguments from Greenpeace, Fairtrade, and other anti-GMO campaigners are still heavily focused on the impact of corporations in the conversation.” – Link

The Campaign for Organic Food is a Deceitful, Expensive Scam – Newsweek – By Henry I. Miller (Jan 19)

$2.5 billion was spent campaigning against genetic engineering in North America alone in 2011 while $10 billion was spent around the globe attacking ag and “other sectors as well, including vaccines, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.” – Link

China?s GMO Rice Gets Approval Abroad, But Not at Home – Sixth Tone – By Wang Yiwei (Jan 22)

“Researchers hope green light from American FDA will cause central authorities to reconsider their cautious approach to genetically modified crops.” – Link

GM in Australia: Proposed changes to gene-editing rules likely to receive ‘fierce opposition’ – Food Navigator Asia – By Gary Scattergood (Jan 22)

“Proposals to shake-up Australia?s GM rules are likely to face ?fierce opposition?” – Link