2018 Global Farmer Roundtable – A.D. Alvarez From The Phillipines


The 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable is scheduled for Oct 16-17 in Des Moines, Iowa – coinciding with the week of the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue and International Symposium.

As the Roundtable approaches GFN is introducing this year’s participants.  It started with Bill Crabtree from Australia and Edgard Ramirez from Argentina – so now we’re checking in with A.D. Alvarez who farms in the Phillipines…

FarmerAriel Dave Alvarez 

Country:  Phillipines


Where is your farm located?  

A.D. Alavarez is the third Filipino farmer to attend the Global Farmer Roundtable. Global Farmer Network members Rosalie Ellasus (2007 Kleckner Award recipient ) and Roger Navarro are the others.

Our farm is located in a group of small islands called Camotes Islands in Cebu, Philippines in the town called San Francisco. 


What does your farm look like? What is the size of your farm? What do you grow or raise? 

My main farm is 8 ha [just under 20 acres] farm land and serves as our base.  For our corn production, we rent an additional 25 to 35 hectares [about 62 to 86 acres] of fields.  Our farming work is also about Community Development using farming as a tool to help other farmers improve their farming techniques and get them out of poverty.  


What are you looking forward to most as you prepare to participate in the 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable? 

I’m looking forward most to participating in the 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable and sit among amazing fellow farmers from different parts of the globe mainly to share their experiences, perspectives and challenges to develop a global outlook on how we can further enhance our farming in view of the urgency of increasing population, dwindling numbers of farmlands and climate challenges.  I am also looking forward to participating in discussions of how we can further integrate and network ourselves so we can have an impact in our own local farming communities that will represent our participation as a GFN representative to our communities. 

The palm trees are a giveaway that this corn is not in Iowa, but rather Alvarez’s farm in the Philippines.


Adriel Dave 'AD' Alvarez

Adriel Dave 'AD' Alvarez

Farms in a group of small islands called Camotes Islands in Cebu, Philippines. The farm is 8 hectares and they rent 25-35 hectares for corn production. The mission of the farm is connected to community development and the idea of using farming as a tool to help other farmers improve their techniques to get them out of poverty.

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