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Latest trade indicator suggests trade growth will moderate in fourth quarter of 2017 – World Trade Organization (Nov 13) – Link

Trump, Xi Push Opposing Views on Trade – Wall Street Journal -?By?Jake Maxwell Watts,?Chuin-Wei Yap?and Jacob M. Schlesinger (Nov 10)

“At Asia summit, U.S. president disavows multilateral agreements that ?tie our hands?” – Link

Chinese retailer to buy $1.2bn of US meat – GlobalMeatNews -?By Oscar Rousseau (Nov 9)

“Montana Stock Growers Association signed a beef supply deal with Chinese e-commerce giant, worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the next three years.” – Link


Comprehensive study shows no glyphosate/cancer connection – Feedstuffs – By Jacqui Fatka (Nov 10)

“Study looked at 89,000 agricultural workers and spouses over 20 years and proved no correlation to causing cancer.” – Link

‘Golden’ potato delivers bounty of vitamins A, E – Feedstuffs (Nov 10)

“Experimental tuber has potential to reduce disease in developing nations.” – Link

Organic farmer?s plea for a better relationship between organic, conventional farming -?

“I have a new respect and more understanding of how conventional agriculture and organic are eerily very similar.” – Link


?Clean Food? Leads To Food Waste – AgWeb – By Greg Henderson, Drovers (Nov 10)

“…food waste in the U.S. ? already about 20 pounds per person each month ? will only get worse with the removal of additives and preservatives.” – Link

Europe?s glyphosate stalemate continues – Food Navigator – By Niamh Michail (Nov 9)

“The deadlock over glyphosate continues as EU policy-makers today failed to gather support for the Commission?s proposal to renew the herbicide for another 5 years.” – Link

How the taxman slows the spread of technology in Africa – The Economist (Nov 9)

“Unfortunately, instead of seizing such opportunities, many African governments are energetically discouraging the spread of technology. Many ban genetically modified crops, refusing even to accept them as food aid when their people are starving.” – Link

Anti-GMO former dance instructor Jeffrey Smith writes ‘scientific paper’ – Cornell Alliance for Science – By Mark Lynas (Nov 12)

“Smith’s tactic, like that of many anti-science campaigners, has been to use sciencey-looking publications and technical language to try to create an air of expertise.” – Link