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Goodness there’s a lot of noise recently created by the latest and greatest bit of supposed agricultural reporting in The New York Times, “Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Gentically Modified Crops” By Danny Hakim (Oct 29)

Needless to say, for those knowledgeable on the issues, it’s a partial and selective narrative to be euphemistic. ?They told a story they wanted to tell.

Here are a few good responses below:

GFN Chair Bill Horan was recently interviewed about the benefits of growing biotech crops, and talks about the “less-recognized, but very compelling sociological impacts of plant science”-?read it here??

Why Danny Hakim?s New York Times GMO expos? misleads -?Genetic Literacy Project – By??

“The article is, however, far from ?extensive?, is inaccurate and thoroughly misleading.”


The tiresome discussion of initial GMO expectations – Weed Control Freaks – By Andrew Kniss (Oct 30)

“I have to say this comparison seems?borderline?disingenuous; certainly not what I?d expect from an ?extensive examination? published in the New York Times.”


Biotechnology Makes a Difference – Huffington Post – By Dr. Robert T. Fraley (Oct 31)

“To me, all these numbers tell a clear story ? of improved food security and a more sustainable environmental footprint through biotechnology.”


Rehashing a Tired Argument – Illumination blog, by Kevin Folta (Oct 30)


Nice overview with various links at AgWeb below...

NYT Blasts GMOs on Yield, Pesticide Claims – AgWeb – by Sonja Begemann (Nov 1)



Canada, EU Leaders Sign CAFTA – AgWeb – By Debra Beachy (Nov 1)

“Although protesting Belgium dairy farmers held up a big free trade deal, Canada and European leaders signed the agreement over the weekend.”


Drazek: Raising U.S. tariffs not a trade solution – FarmWeek – By Matt Kaye (Oct 31)

“U.S. ag products would be an easy target for retaliation, according to the former USDA trade adviser.”


Obama Makes a Long-Shot Bid for TPP Trade Deal – Wall Street Journal – By William Mauldin (Nov 1)

“Administration hopes for a vote in Congress on the Pacific agreement during the lame-duck session”


*Note – the piece below in The Hill is of interest because of who the report is from and it’s usually not what they would support publicly, the quote according to Politico is a?”new report released today by the Progressive Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank that supports increased trade, acknowledges that trade causes job losses among less skilled workers, but lays out arguments for how both imports and exports support millions of jobs.” ?Just goes to show what an odd election year it is…
Protectionist trade policies would damage economy, cost jobs: report – The Hill – By Vicki Needham (Oct 31)


Free Trade?s Bleak Outlook – BloombergView – Editorial (Nov 1)


$8 Billion in Back-Logged Construction on Mississippi River – AgWeb -?By Ashley Davenport, Farm Journal Broadcast (Nov 2)

“Decaying river infrastructure is a major concern for corn farmers…”


Let common sense, not fear, dicatate trade policy – Des Moines Register – By Deb Keller (Oct 27)



Hirshberg to Podesta: We don’t really know anything about GMOs – The Hill – By Julie Kelly (Oct 25)

“Hirshberg often laments the amount of money spent by corporate interests to fight GMO labels, but flexes his own insider influence and fundraising prowess to get his way.”


Readin?, writin?, ?rithmetic and GMO-free school lunches? – Delta Farm Press – by Hembree Brandon in Farm Press Blog?(Oct 31)

One wonders: Just what, in their minds, would constitute ?conclusively supported good science??



US Approves 2 Types of Genetically Engineered Potatoes – AgWeb / AP (Oct 31)


The Chinese Really Hate GMOs — Or Do They? – DTN/Progressive Farmer – By Urban Lehner (Nov 1)