Trade villainized by presidential candidates, other news of interest



Taipei Times / Agence France-Presse -?Free trade is the bogeyman in US presidential race – By Jeremy Tordjman (Mar 11)

The US has long been a leader of the free-trade movement around the world…?Which makes it all the more odd that free trade has become a certified villain among candidates battling to succeed Obama in the White House.

ICTSD, Bridges -?US Presidential Contenders Spar on Trade As White House Continues TPP Push (Mar 10)

Business Insider / Reuters -?EU trade chief: U.S. campaign rhetoric won’t stop TTIP trade talks – By David Lawder (Mar 10)

European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told reporters on a visit to Washington on Wednesday that major negotiating rounds for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) were scheduled for April and July, with more informal meetings in March, June and May.

MercoPress (S. Atlantic News Agency) -?Mercosur/EU will exchange trade proposals in April, is announced in Argentina (Mar 13)

Mercosur and the European Union will exchange trade proposals in April, a key step for the long delayed trade and cooperation agreement between the two blocks and which has gained strength since the change of administration in Argentina with president Mauricio Macri.



The Financial Express (India) -?Bt brinjal: Anniversary of the absurd – By CS Prakash (Mar 15)

The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee must be empowered to take the final decision and give commercial approvals for GM crops

Macleans (Canada) – In defence of genetically modified food – By Chris Sorensen (Mar 13)

More scientists are coming around to GMO safety. Why are environmentalists, who preach the science of climate change, not listening? foods/

Reuters -?Mosquitoes’ rapid spread poses threat beyond Zika – By Ben Hirschler (Mar 14)

But mosquitoes still kill around 725,000 people a year, mostly due to malaria, or 50 percent more than are killed by other humans…?Aggressive action in the 1950s and 1960s, including the use of the pesticide DDT, certainly pushed them back for a while.?Today, genetic modification, radiation and targeted bacteria are being considered.

CNN -?FDA says GMO mosquito likely OK to fight Zika in Florida – By Sandee LaMotte (Mar 11)

The U.S. came one step closer today to getting its first genetically modified mosquito to fight the Zika virus. -?CRISPR Critters: Regulators and the New Gene Revolution in Agriculture – By Ronald Bailey (Mar 11)

More, better, and safer food – but only if regulators will stay out of the way.

The Guardian (UK) – Gardens: expose yourself to atomic gardening – By James Wong (Mar 13)

Compared to the surgical precision of modern gene editing, these efforts were like using a sledgehammer, creating potentially hundreds of unpredictable mutations with unknown effects. Yet they were enthusiastically adopted by the gardening public.

The Wall Street Journal -?Why Monsanto?s Biotech-Food Business Isn?t Growing in India – By Jacob Bunge and Biman Mukherji (Mar 13)

Seed giant?s genetically-modified food crops stymied despite nation?s food-security needs

TECH, PRECISION AG, OTHER: -?Iowa Grower Finds 9 Golden Nuggets Buried in His Data – By Laurie Bedord (Mar 14)

…biggest challenge is utilizing all of that data to its fullest potential.



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