Ted Sheely on the John Batchelor Show


Ted Sheely is a California farmer. This year he has been forced to idle one-third of his prime farm ground because of the drought. Ted writes in this week’s column that the water situation is about choices, and while farmers are getting blamed for using a lot of water, environmentalists actually claim more water than farmers. While farmers feed people, environmentalists use the water to protect a tiny fish called the delta smelt.

On August 3, 2015 Ted was a guest on the John Batchelor Show, a program on 770 WABC in New York. This is a recording of John’s interview with Ted.

Ted Sheely

Ted Sheely

Ted raises lettuce, cotton, tomatoes, onions, pistachios, wine grapes and garlic on a family farm. Chairman of Horizon Growers (pistachios). Long-standing interest and investment in water availability and quality. Received Innovative Water Conservation Award.

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