TATT blog by John Rigolizzo IV: Berlin, New Jersey

Date – 20 July 2015


It seems the more that happens in the world, the more confused I become.

Im a millennial, which means that I am (begrudgingly) a member of the lovely group of folks who wander the city streets with a Starbucks product of some sort in one hand and an iPhone in the other, wearing a rainbow T-shirt, jeans that are practically painted onto their legs, a Neff brand beanie, and a pair of Converse All-Stars. It also means I am part of the group of people who believe that things like marriage equality and transgender rights are the keys to moving society forward. But when it comes to the subject of GMO crops, my fellow millennials seem to scoff and turn away or begin spouting off half-truths and falsities that groups like Greenpeace and the Non-GMO Project constantly throw at them.

And I really dont understand it.

Are these really the same people that believe that we need to move forward and make our world a better place? Isnt that the promise of GMOs-moving us forward and making the world a better place? Since when has progress been selected by society? Why is Bruce Jenner becoming a woman, a completely unnatural process, Brave and Courageous, but crop technologies that have the potential to FEED our ever growing population wrong, dangerous, Playing God, and unnatural?

Our society is hooked on technology-always on our phones and computers, and we all support these noble causes because its only fair, but we wont even give the next generation of sustainable, reliable crop production a chance.

Its kind of hypocritical, dont you think?